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POSTED 29/3/14


PS4/PSN + PS3/PSN + Vita/PSN (also on Xbox 360/XBLA, PC)

Hey, nice hat! Often an opportunity to revisit a game that you’ve not played for some time can result in a different opinion from that which you formed on your first date. This value-bulging crossbuy release of Fez, which lands you PS4, PS3 and Vita incarnations all for one pocket money price, is no exception. We actually think that, despite its often obtuse fiendishness, we undermarked this absolute delight with a mere 8.5. Take from that what you will...

Candy! Sweet, sweet candy! Whassat? It’s an ‘F’? Oh, puck.

So, no lolly pellet-stuffed flip-top heads, rather a red Moroccan headular adornment with magical powers. You see, little blocky Gomez was happy trip-tropping about his resolutely 2D world. But then along came a cube – a completely impossible construct to a world so flat - that bestowed upon him said hat, fucking-up his world just like that.

We worship the super-brilliant C64 game Nebulus, a platformer that span the world around on its axis as you walked/jumped through or around towers. Fez channels it, but in a more cube top, squared-off, eight corners, 90 degree angles kinda way that has you sitting and rotating. A bit, erm – lot - like Crush 3D.

So, with your pixel puppet Gomez you traipse around various 16-bitty universes, chatting to natives, breaking and entering, disinterring obtuse puzzles and accumulating treasure and golden cubic objecticles. The more you gather, the more places become visitational from a purple-dicular hub world.

The best bit – although not necessarily for everybody - is that it’s all physically non-confrontational. No fighting, nobody trying to kill you except you yourself. Then, when you do make little G-man go ‘splut!’ now, he just rematerialises at his last safe spot.
Progression unearths weird glyphs, plus an apparent surfeit of leftovers from a Tetris explosion. Far from decorationary stuff, these are usually fiendish – and we mean that, possibly indicating how dumb we are - puzzles. Decipher, push this way and that, ring bells, find warps, go collecty on anti-cubes... Fez ain’t no casual walk in the Block Forest.

Despite real glitches – others, like an early reboot, are quite obviously intentional - Fez beguiles then staples itself to your bonce like a brain slug, but with red hatacular flair, rather than green and slimular bleah.

Damn, where’d we put that garlic shampoo?

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