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POSTED 19/10/11


WB Games
Xbox 360/Kinect

Sesame Street is brought to you today by the letters ‘A’, ‘C’ and ‘E’, and the number 8.5.

A is for avoiding, like branches rocks and logs. In forests and in rivers, where maybe there are frogs?

B is for bin, where Oscar lives and grumps. 'Bespoke' too for monsters new, some maybe with humps.

C is for cookie, that’s good enough for me. Oh cookie, cookie, cookie starts with C!

D is for dressups; make monsters all funky. It also starts off ‘ducky’, a rubber one for me.

E is for Ernie, who’s nowhere here to see. Maybe he and Berty are sitting in a tree? It’s also first in Elmo’s name, there’s lots of play with he; hopefully you’ll understand that voice that’s so squeaky.

F is for flapping, so that you can fly. Up into the treetops, so very, very loft... erm, high.

G is for Grover, the king before Elmo. Now he’s kinda treated like a bluish-coloured schmo.

H is for helping, when monsters need a hand. Like cleaning up big messes, or jamming with their band.

I is for interaction, a word of syllables four. This gets children up and active, what mum could ask for more?

J is for jumping, you’ll do this quite a lot. After half an hour, you’ll be sweating ’cos you’re hot.

K is for Kinect, the thing that makes this work. If you just can’t dig it, then man you are a jerk.

L is for likeability, this game sure has a bounty. Just like missing characters, say Snuffleupagus and Count(y).

M is for moving, you’ll also do this heaps. Running, ducking, weaving, throwing – plus many kicks and leaps.

N is for nothing, that comes to mind right now. If we think of something, we’ll be sure to write it down. Like maybe om nom nom nom nom, om nom nom nom nom nom? Om nom nom nom nom nom nom nom, om nom nom nom nom nom!

O is for outfits, to help make dress-ups fun. Pick a hat and jacket, and then your monster’s done.

P is for party, and also for percussion. The first has hats, the second sticks, there’s no room for discussion.

Q is for quality, a Double Fine guarantee. That hairy man Tim Schafer he has really earned his fee.

R is for repetitive strain injury, which we think we have developed. Our shoulders, wrists and army bits, in pain they are enveloped.

S is for stars, of which you’ll collect oodles. It also starts off ‘storybook’, with monsters and fun doodles.

T is for talking, tossing, tykes and telling tales. Three (plus one) more things to maybe aid in this game’s sales.

U is for ‘Ultimate Grover Party Dance’ – which stuffs up our whole rhyming thing, but had to be mentioned ’cos seeing him get down in his white John Travolta tux made our night.

V is for vitality, of which most kids have tonnes. Play this for an hour though and they’ll be shagged-out on their buns.

W is for waving, at monsters and your telly. Do it much too vigorously and you will end up smelly.

X is for Xanthippe, Oscar’s perfect match? We reckon the fuzzy green grouch is really quite a catch.

Y is for young ’uns, who this is really for. But older types can still have fun, although they’ll end up sore.

Z is for ZZZzzz, which we pronounce as ‘zed’. As perfect cue as any for us to head to bed...

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